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eBay responds after NHS Covid vaccine cards appear for £ 5 UK News

PEOPLE use online auction sites to sell coronavirus vaccine cards and make hundreds of pounds in profit.

An investigation found that NHS Covid vaccine cards, which are given to those who receive their first dose of the vaccine, were being sold on eBay.

A listing on the online auction site of covid vaccine cards, with ‘genuine’ lot numbers, bought nearly 80 copies at £ 5 each in less than 24 hours.

The auction site has since responded to a request for comment and withdrew the listing, saying it was against its policy to sell the documents released by the government.

Meanwhile, an MP from the Northeast said it highlighted the need for the government to create a more formal system, accusing online list authors of “profiting.”

The article offered “ multi-buy ” discounts for those who bought in bulk

This stems from the fact that some travel agencies, including P&O Cruises, have suggested that they will require proof of clients’ vaccinations before authorizing travel.

Meanwhile, some countries, including Cyprus, have already said they may require British tourists to receive both doses of the vaccine, although the required proof has yet to be established.

Over the weekend, an eBay listing of ‘genuine’ Covid vaccine cards appeared online, with customers being asked to pay £ 5 each, or a reduced ‘multi-buy’ rate if they bought more.

The list, which at the time of its removal had seen 135 such cards sold – 76 more than the day before, had potentially raised up to £ 675 in funds from customers.

A private message between The Northern Echo and the seller confirmed that he had promised to offer his customers “genuine” lot numbers from existing Oxford / AstraZeneca or Pfizer / BioNTech vials.

The list was later removed by eBay, which says it does not allow the sale of government-distributed items, although it did not say whether customers would be refunded.

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The card is only intended to be distributed to those who receive their jab

An eBay spokesperson said: “Currently, those who have received a vaccine do not enjoy any travel privileges and are not exempt from any lockout restrictions.

Additionally, there are no reported plans for vaccine cards to be used as an official immunization record, and they do not include any official ID.

“However, in accordance with our policy, we have removed these lists to prevent any attempt to resell government documents for personal use.”

Last week, the government suggested it was working to provide people in England with the opportunity to officially prove their vaccine status as a growing number of countries reported developing a Covid travel passport.

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North Durham MP Kevan Jones who said the government should make its decision

But for North Durham Labor MP Kevan Jones, the sale of NHS Covid cards on auction sites like Ebay has further reinforced the need for official proof from the UK government.

He said: “The problem is that the government is dragging its heels. It allows people to take advantage of people’s vulnerability.

“The government should urgently go ahead and say whether it will produce these cards.

“I would urgently warn anyone considering purchasing these cards to think about this before parting with their hard-earned cash.”

Mr Jones said the government should work alongside the agencies to create an internationally recognized travel passport.

He said: “They should work with agencies like IATA (International Air Transport Association), which have been working there for several months.

“I think it’s important for people to be able to travel with confidence and safety, but if you look at the economic impact, there are a lot of jobs in this struggling industry.”

It is understood that ministers “believe” that Covid passports could play an important role both nationally and internationally, but that this is ethically weighed.

Last week, the Transport Department said it was “working on a solution” to allow Britons to prove their Covid vaccine status to other countries, but did not suggest a timeline.

At the time, a spokesperson for the department said, “We are working on this as a priority and intend to prepare the solution as quickly as possible.”

In response to the sale of Covid vaccine cards on auction sites, the Department of Health said they should not be sold or distributed outside of the NHS vaccination program.

They said: “As with other vaccination programs, a vaccination record is issued to patients with the relevant details about their vaccination, including the date of their vaccination and their type of vaccine.

“A registration card is not a certification of immunity and these cards are not to be sold or distributed outside of …

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