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Major road closures in Barnet due to road works until March 2022 UK News

Drivers face widespread disruption across Barnet for much of next year after plans for a full-scale road works program were released.

A notice from the London Borough of Barnet in this week’s edition of Barnet Borough Times describes the extensive pavement maintenance work scheduled to begin on May 10 and last until March 31, 2022.

As long as the order is granted, the work will involve the temporary closure of a large number of roads and the introduction of a waiting ban and loading restrictions on the affected streets.

Work must be carried out on these roads on the dates indicated:

Edward Road: (worst section) Margaret Road to Henry Road – May 10 to May 11

Churchmead Closure: End of Church Hill Road – May 11

Cedar Lawn Avenue: May 12 and 13

Woodbery Gardens: May 14

Russell Gardens: From Russell Road to Russell Gardens – May 17

Simmons Close: Simmons Way to end – May 18 and 19

Colin Close: Sheaveshill Avenue to the end – May 20

Poolsford Road: From New Way Road to end – May 21

Holders Hill Gardens: B552 to Holders Hill Drive – May 24 and 25

Woodstock Avenue: A502 to Hamilton Road – May 26 and 27

Hoop Lane: Finchley Road to Golders Way (the worst section) and Golders Way to Golders Green Road A502 – May 28

The Ridgeway: # 1 at the end – June 1-2

Orchard Road: Fitzjohn Avenue until end – June 3

Hampden Way: Summit Way to Waterfall Road – June 7-11

Aerodrome road: from Redrow Homes (agreement S278) to the edge of the neighborhood – June 14-18

The Broadway: Flower Lane in Millway – June 21-24

Osidge Lane: Woodlands Roundabout to Hampden Square – June 28-29

Squires Lane: Etchingham Park Road to High Road: June 29 to July 1

Albert Place: Nether Street to Popes Drive – July 2

Grahame Park Way: Field Mead to Corner Mead – July 5 and 6

Hammers Lane: Milton Road to Tennyson Road – July 7

Colney Hatch Lane: Hillside Avenue to Queens Parade Close – July 8 and 9

Wood Street: Barnet Road End of Island to A1000 High Street – July 12-15

Hendon Lane: Gravel Hill to College Terrace – July 15-16

New Oak Road: Oak Lane to Long Lane – August 2

Hill Top: Ossulton Way to Brookland Rise – August 3-5

Brookland Rise: Midholm to Brookland Rise – August 6

Chemin Montagu: Chemin Audley to n ° 39 – August 9 and 10

Park Road: West Hendon Broadway to Sevington Road: August 11-13

Mowbray Road: (north section) Edgware Lane until end: August 16 and 17

Barnfield Road: Silkstream Road to Watling Avenue – August 18

Stanley Road: from Pembroke Road to end – August 19

Northiam: Souhover to Michleham Down – August 23-25

Burlington Rise: Grange Avenue to Avondale Avenue – to be confirmed

Brent Street: Finchley Lane to Green Lane – to be confirmed

Tilling Road: from the junction with the Staples Corner roundabout with Brent Terrace – to be confirmed

Totteridge Common: from the village of Barnet to Hendon Wood Lane – to be confirmed

Highwood Hill: Common Totteridge at Marsh Lane – to be confirmed

Hervey Close: A598 at n ° 1 – to be confirmed

Rushgrove Avenue: junction of the roundabout with Hillfield Avenue and Crossway – to be confirmed

Lanacre Avenue: Heywood Avenue to Quakers Course – to be confirmed

Mays Lane: Manor Road to Fitzjohn Avenue – to be confirmed

Brent Terrace: Tilling Road to End – to be confirmed

A5 southbound to A406: A5 ramp to Staples Corner southbound – to be confirmed

Claremont Road: Clitterhouse Crescent to Marble Drive – to be confirmed

Brunswick Park Road: Entrance to the new Southgate Cemetery at Osidge Lane – to be confirmed

Capel Road: from Shurland Avenue to Cranbrook Road – to be confirmed

Victoria Road: Aprey Gardens to Alexandra Road – to be confirmed

Victoria Road: from Albert Road to Lawrence Street – to be confirmed

Lovers’ Walk: Frith Lane at the entrance to Finchley Golf Course – tbc

Mayfield Avenue: High Road to Friary Road – to be confirmed

Chemin de la gare: from avenue Vivian to the A41 – to be confirmed

Willfield Way: Asmuns Hill to Temple Fortune Hill – tbc

Hampstead Way: Wildwood Road to Wellgarth Road – to be confirmed

Hendon Wood Lane: intersection with Barnet Road – to be confirmed

Holders Hill Circus: Holders Hill Circus roundabout – to be confirmed

Booth Road: Montrose Crescent to Colindale Avenue – to be confirmed

Partingale Lane: from Bittacy Hill to Frith Lane – to be confirmed

Barnet Lane: Underhill to Totteridge Village – tbc

Chemin Barnet: Hendon Wood Lane to A1 Stirling Corner – to be confirmed

East End Road: Manor View to Ossulton Way: to be confirmed

Cool Oak Lane: Woolmead Avenue to Kinloch Drive – tbc

Highwood Hill (A5109): Totteridge Common to Marsh Lane – to be confirmed

Lancaster Road – to be confirmed

Oakdale: Cecil Road to Chase Side – to be confirmed

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