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This week Steve is calling for more entrants to join Autocar’s new climb competition – more details here – sneak around Goodwood on its latest foray in his long-term Bentley Bentayga and more.


Excited with the response to our recently announced Autocar-Shelsley Walsh Young Driver Championship as we prepare for day one of testing – with full instructions – at the Curborough Sprint Track on July 11. The five-round competition is aimed at young people aged 17-21 with road licenses, driving 1.2-liter running Vauxhall Corsas which they bought for around £ 2,500. We think one of the big advantages is that young drivers can compete in a car that they also drive to get to work.

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A recent launch at the famous Worcestershire circuit featured the competition’s first participant, Ben Edwards, 21, who has since been joined by a coterie of others. But we need even more budding hill pilots, especially women, to really make it fly. If you feel like it, or know someone who does, please find details and registration forms on the Midland Automobile Club website ( along with plenty of licensing information. , entrance fees, preparation of the car and the purchase of helmets (specially reduced), overalls and gloves. We can’t wait to meet the stars of tomorrow!

Tuesday morning

At Goodwood for my last foray into the Bentley Bentayga Coach, which will now return to Crewe because they have a buyer who can’t wait. This is the second time that I have bought a car from home. The first was a blue Aston Martin Vantage V8 drophead years ago, and I had the same mixed feelings then as I do now. I’m understandably sorry to see the car go, but I can also relate to the new owner’s desire to get behind the wheel of a dream car.

I got to Goodwood too early so I parked in a corner of the paddock and waited for the Driving Day event to start, with only Mike Hawthorn and Lofty England (the life-size statues in the background) for the company.

Tuesday PM

Wonderful sunny day with the greenery just starting to appear in the Goodwood area, so I focused on driving powerful electric cars – Ford Mustang Mach-E, Porsche Taycan Turbo and Polestar 2 Performance – on a road route that ‘they had mapped out, combining two lane roads where you could sprint a bit with narrower roads with nice test bumps. The major challenge in the woods was to dodge the suicidal pheasants determined to bang their heads against the gates of passing cars.

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