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Urgent SMS scam warning for anyone shopping at Asda or Morrisons UK News

Anyone who orders their groceries from online supermarket delivery services has been warned of a new scam that could catch them.

According to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), a new text-based scam has been identified, specifically targeting people who buy from Asda and Morrisons.

The purpose of the texts is to send victims to a web page where they will share personal information, with the aim of tracking the progress of a delivery they are expecting. Experts have warned that the trick may soon be extended to include other large supermarkets as well, with the aim of winning over more customers.

One of the texts seen by CTSI tells the recipient “your Asda order is being delivered” and links to a web page where they can allegedly “track your order and view your delivery note”.

Another similar post refers to an order from Morrisons.

But links are nifty sites where crooks get personal information from the recipient, putting their finances at risk.

In recent months, the organization has shared warnings of similar criminal schemes, including a Royal Mail delivery scam, various bogus bank messages and a national insurance number scam targeting the public.

An example of scam text in a supermarket

Katherine Hart, senior manager of CTSI, said: “Scammers send these text messages to phone numbers in case the recipient has placed an order with the relevant supermarket. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to greater reliance on home shopping. deliveries making the public more open than ever to this scam.

“The public should be aware that these campaigns are not limited to the Asda brand, or Morrisons, and that they may receive messages citing the names of other major supermarket chains.

“If you receive any suspicious text messages like these, please contact the supermarket if you buy with them and check. Also send any scam text messages to 7726, which is a free reporting service run by Ofcom. We need to share this vital information with the authorities so that they can grasp the full extent of this problem. “

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A spokesperson for Asda told CTSI: “We are aware of a series of scams that are sent to customers posing as different brands, including Asda, via text message. We will never ask for any information. personal SMS, nor any SMS communication from us is not from a mobile number.

“We want to remind our customers that they should never click on suspicious links, but if anyone is unsure of a communication claiming to be from Asda, please contact our customer service.”

To report scams, people are urged to contact Action Fraud.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for CTSI called on the public and businesses to join Friends Against Scams and Businesses Against Scams, respectively. These initiatives aim to protect and prevent individuals and businesses from becoming victims of scams by empowering them to take a stand against scams.