2021 BMW 5 Series Touring 530d review UK Car News

What is that?

In the battle of the boots, the BMW 5 Series has traditionally lost to its rival Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This refurbished 5-er is no different, as the Merc still has the largest 80 or 120-liter cargo bay, according to the way you have arranged the seats.

But if your personal checklist goes beyond a simple charging bay comparison, then the Series 5 has always lived up to the big Merc. The version we’re testing here is the 530d Touring, running the Bavarian firm’s inline-six diesel, with 282 horsepower and 479 lb-ft. The 0-62 km / h sprint takes 5.6 seconds, another figure that is a bit lower on the E-Class.

It now has mild hybrid technology – previously it was only offered on the 520d – with a 48V starter-generator, so the car now enters a junction with the engine off. It also gives a temporary 11 hp boost.

The look of the 5 Series has been infused, with a wider and taller grille, reworked front and rear lights and trapezoidal exhaust tips. The most popular trim level – M Sport – receives new alloy wheels. Inside, the infotainment screen has grown to 12.3 inches and it has new connectivity, including live updates.

A word of advice: Avoid the white paint if you specify the Shadow Line with extended content, as that makes the black grille look too pronounced and muscular, and we all know where that particular BMW style argument ends.

What does it look like?

On the road, the revamped 5 Series delivers what you expect, with a slightly more driver-centric experience than the E-Class. The steering has a bit more weight and feel, while the chassis is sharper.

The engine is punchy and, like all modern large diesel engines, there is a continuous surge of torque at all times under pressure. It is a smooth mass, but not as quiet as that of the Merc.

But the meager more enthusiastic about this car comes at the expense of comfort. It’s fine on a freeway, but in town and on back roads, the continuous chatter and commotion you get into the cabin isn’t reassuring – this despite the car’s adaptive suspension. The Merc is silkier. Yes, it may lack the last fraction of handling ability, but the E-Class is an easier-going car, whether you have tons of kit to carry around or not.

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