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Professor Snape named scientist to lead Covid-19 trial – sparks meme frenzy | UK | New UK News

Harry Potter memes flooded Twitter after Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, the UK’s deputy medical director, made the announcement during a press briefing on Wednesday. The trial involving Professor Matthew Snape is expected to investigate vaccine booster shots – after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced 60 million jabs would be available for a fall booster campaign.

Twitter users have unleashed thousands of gifs and gags distinguishing between the British medical professional and the famous Harry Potter character played by Alan Rickman in all eight films.

The hilarious gag quickly found its way onto its trending page.

Comedian Matthew Highton mounted Professor Van-Tam in the halls of Hogwarts Castle.

A Twitter user wrote: “JVT said Professor Snape will research which vaccine to use as a booster. You couldn’t be reconciled.

Another wrote: ‘Professor Snape will lead the UK’s vaccine booster program alongside Faust.

“I knew it was all a simulation. This is the Truman Show, isn’t it?

Another said: “Reassuring that Professor Snape is working on a potion based on mixing different vaccines!”

Another said, “Alright, we’re all adults, don’t laugh at the man called ‘Professor Snape’.”

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It will also assess which jabs offer the widest range of variant defense.

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