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‘Traumatized’ college student, 20, sexually harassed on shift at Sheffield Golf Club UK News

Molly Bryan, who took a casual job as a waitress at Hallamshire Golf Club during her semester break last year, said “nothing has been done by the club” despite complaints being made.

During the incident on September 12, she said she was called at the last minute to help the club as it was hosting a private function.

She said: “I was sexually harassed by three members. That night I was ogled and they asked me for inappropriate comments because they would like to ‘fuck me’ and ‘stick my dick in my ass. ear “done.

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Hallamshire Golf Club.  Photo Scott Merrylees
Hallamshire Golf Club. Photo Scott Merrylees

“I was also the victim of indecent exposure by another limb because he had his genitals hanging out,” she said.

She said she filed a complaint with the club the next day, where she was told they would investigate the matter thoroughly.

But she was disappointed when the only penalties imposed were a “12-month behavioral watch” and letters of apology from members involved in the sexual harassment and indecent exposure.

The letters of apology, among others, indicated that those involved felt “saddened” and “upset” by the bigger picture.

One member wrote: “We are a group of friends whose comments and humor were not intended to offend. Rest assured that on my part, I had no intention or awareness that my actions that evening had caused you distress. “

Another wrote, saying he had “no excuse” for his actions that evening.

“I am deeply sorry that I offended you and made you feel comfortable. My behavior was unacceptable and I am totally ashamed of myself,” he said.

Another member said he was “very sorry” for what had happened, saying, “I am truly remorseful for any part that the questions I asked you may have played in this.

“Clearly, as an individual and as a member of a larger group of friends, steps need to be taken to ensure that we all learn from this situation and that it does not happen again. “

Molly also received a handwritten apology from one of the people involved and how he was “not proud” of her action.

“It is clear that alcohol played a major role, especially with regard to my own actions which, while not an excuse, would explain behavior that I am not proud of and that is not something I am proud of. something that I consider acceptable. “

But she said the letters of apology were nothing more than a “joke.”

“They said this (incident) affected them. How can they say it affected them when it actually affected me – about what they told me and how they treated me? She said.

She also said she had to file a police report, but nothing has changed since.

And that was the reason she wanted to speak on behalf of other young girls who were considering working at the club.

“I was traumatized, I didn’t sleep for three days and even now, every time I saw the golf club, I would have a panic attack. I don’t think I would be able to cope, ”she said.

She said following the incident, she decided to quit her job at the club after two months.

Her father, Phil Bryan, also quit the club to protest what happened to his daughter.

In response, the club said in a statement: “We take allegations of this nature very seriously and are committed to ensuring that the club is a safe and welcoming environment for staff and members.

“As soon as we learned of the complaint, we conducted a thorough and robust investigation in accordance with our disciplinary procedures.

“This involved taking formal legal advice before taking action to address the concerns raised.

“We have reviewed all policies and procedures and implemented new policies focused on equality and diversity and harassment and bullying.

“We are confident that the club and its officers have dealt with the matter appropriately and professionally, and will continue to follow the processes and practices.”

South Yorkshire Police, when contacted, said the investigation was closed because the “victim was unwilling to take further action”.

But Molly said that was not the conversation she had with the officer in charge.

“I even told them they hadn’t done anything to help me. They just said they were going to call Hallamshire and talk to them. Which they would have done. I don’t know how they got there. to this understanding. “

The new policies, which were put in place in January 2021, indicate that the club is committed to “promoting a just and harmonious environment in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity and in which no one feels intimidated or threatened. , intimidated or harassed.

“The purpose of this Policy and the Equality and Diversity Policy is to raise awareness and prevent bullying and harassment at Hallamshire Golf Club.

“Harassment and bullying undermines a productive club environment and can impact the health, confidence, morale and performance of those affected, including anyone who may witness or have knowledge of what is happening. is undesirable and …

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