Ferrari 812 Superfast special edition: full reveal on May 5 Car News

A new special edition of the Ferrari 812 Superfast will feature the most powerful combustion engine of any road car from Maranello.

Due to be fully revealed and detailed on May 5, it is described as “the ultimate expression of the Ferrari concept of an extreme front-engined berlinetta. The still unnamed variant brings a series of visual, mechanical and dynamic improvements over the the standard car, itself beaten in terms of outright power by the LaFerrari and SF90 Stradale hybrid supercars.

The power of the front-mounted V12 rose from 789 hp to 819 hp, slightly more than the figure produced by Lamborghini’s new high-level electrically assisted hypercar, the Sián FKP 37.

It is not yet clear whether the V12 remains a 6.5-liter unit, but Ferrari has confirmed some of the changes made to increase horsepower. In addition to redesigning “many key engine components,” the company installed a new valve timing mechanism and a new exhaust system.

Among details released at this early stage, Ferrari also confirmed that the rev limit has been increased from 8,900rpm to 9,500rpm – making it its highest revving production engine to date and the one of the fastest road V12 ever made.

That should be enough to cut the 812 Superfast’s 0-62mph time from 2.9 seconds to closer to 2.5 seconds and push top speed above the standard car’s 211mph. Ferrari has so far not confirmed any official performance figures, but has promised that the engine will deliver “pure but brutal power”.

In addition to improving the straight-line pace, the Special Edition also adopts a series of revisions aimed at improving handling. In particular, independent steering is now installed on all four wheels, which, according to Ferrari, will prolong “the feeling of agility and precision in the corners, while offering unparalleled responsiveness to the controls of the steering”.

The “extensive” use of carbon fiber reduced the 812 Superfast’s 1630kg curb weight, although this has yet to be confirmed. This is coupled with a revised aerodynamic package aimed at maximizing downforce: bumpers, dividers and diffusers are new and the rear window – now an aluminum panel rather than conventional glass – has been fitted with louvers. prominent, or “vortex generators”. In addition, the rear spoiler has been raised and the distinctive hood strip is now in carbon fiber.

Availability details have not been confirmed, but given that the Special Edition is being presented to “Ferrari’s most passionate collectors and connoisseurs”, we would expect double-digit production. It will also command a significant premium over the standard list price of the 812 Superfast of £ 260,000.


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