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Sir Lewis Hamilton has indicated this week that he intends to race in 2022, which must be considered good news for Formula 1.

At a press conference ahead of the Portuguese Grand Prix this weekend, the seven-time world champion, 36, said he “plans to be here next year” in response to a question about his recent test of the new 18 inch Pirelli tires which will be used next season.

Are you moaning or clapping? For me, this is awesome. I make no apologies for my admiration for Hamilton. Best of all, it would mean a continuation of what already feels like a classic duel with Max Verstappen this season, following Red Bull’s rejuvenation.

We have lost so many great rivalries over the years: Sir Stirling Moss retired from injury before Jim Clark reached his stride in the 1960s; then Clark died before Sir Jackie Stewart and Tyrrell became a force; Stewart retired before Niki Lauda and Ferrari shone in the 1970s; and Ayrton Senna was killed just as his rivalry with Michael Schumacher was heating up.

Hamilton vs. Verstappen might be some of the best we’ve seen. Let’s not lose it when it is doing well, especially since we have waited so long for it to go off.

If Hamilton continues his race, it has a big ripple effect for George Russell and Valtteri Bottas. As their collision with Imola pointed out, there is a palpable tension between this pair, as only one of them can put Hamilton on the top team on the grid if Hamilton doesn’t quit. And the odds are overwhelmingly in Russell’s favor.

So what will happen to Bottas? He’s struggling right now, but at 31 he’s far from exhausted. Considering the Mercedes link, if I was running Aston Martin, I would sign him in place of Sebastian Vettel.

Leaving Mercedes will be difficult for the Finn, but Aston would be a chance to refocus in a way Vettel has expected for now. It would be a great signing.


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