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Kill Bill: Thousands Demonstrate Against Bill That Gives Police Power to End Protests | UK News

Thousands of people have gathered in central London and other cities to protest against a bill that will give police more powers to end protests.

The protests were the latest in a series against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, and were among hundreds of other protests that took place on May 1, traditionally Workers’ Day.

Thousands of people gathered around Trafalgar Square and the Mall in London for the “Kill the Bill” protest starting at noon on Saturday.

Protesters carry signs with the words ‘Kill the Bill’ and Black Lives Matter during the central London protest

After protesters then moved towards the Home Office, police said nine people had been arrested and officers were “continuing to engage” with protesters who had gathered in a south London park. after the walk.

Meanwhile, throughout Saturday, hundreds of members of environmental activists Extinction Rebellion (XR) – one of the groups targeted by the bill – staged a “protest at a” roadblock to demonstrate against the lack of government action on climate change.

Although the central London protest was organized by the feminist activist group Sister Uncut, the “Kill the Bill” movement is a coalition of several dozen militant groups who have joined forces.

They are campaigning to stop the latest police bill due to return to parliament in May.

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The central London protest also featured numerous placards supporting XR and the Black Lives Matter movement, the other group whose bill was reportedly drafted in part in response.

The bill would give police in England and Wales a greater ability to impose conditions on non-violent protests – including those deemed too loud or harmful.

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