Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs Bentley Flying Spur 2021 Video Review: World’s Best Luxury Sedan? Car News

There are two very cool and very new luxury sedans in town.

One is the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the one they’re putting all the tech into to make it widely regarded as the best big hatchback / sedan / as you’d like to call it. The S-Classes come with all kinds of engines, right down to very powerful gasoline engines, but it’s a little simpler: it’s an S400d. In fact an engine that suits him pretty well. It costs £ 104,425, 330 horsepower and, more importantly, gigantic cruising range.

The other car is still relatively new too, and it is even more expensive and luxurious. It’s a Bentley Flying Spur and as a W12 it costs £ 168,300 and has 635bhp – both rather bigger numbers than the S-Class, but don’t let the semantics get in your way – more S-Classes. expensive ones are available and cheaper Flying Spurs are too.

Also, there’s a reason for the mismatch – but you’ll need to reach out to Matt Prior to find out why.


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