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Three men fined over £ 1,000 each for breaking the rule of six Bath City News

Three men have been fined more than £ 1,000 each by the Bath Magistrates’ Court for breaking the rule of six.

Two of the men are from Bridgwater in Somerset and one is from Clifton in Bristol.

The men were not at the same rally and the offenses took place on different days last year, but were fined the same day (April 27) in Bath Magistrates’ Court.

Under current coronavirus regulations, meeting in groups of more than six or two roommates is not allowed.

Each man, aged 20 to 58, was found to have attended a gathering of more than 6 “without reasonable excuse”.

Two are to pay £ 1,760 each and another is to pay £ 1,100 for their share in the lockdown rallies.

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Paul Bone, 58, of West Street in Bridgwater was found at a rally of more than six people on October 28 last year.

He was caught at East Quay in the city along with other people breaking coronavirus regulations.

The Single Justice Market has seen magistrates fin Bone £ 1,100.

He also has to pay £ 110 for victim services fees and £ 90 for court costs.

He has until May 25 of this year to repay his debt.

Henry Merlin Despard, 20, of Richmond Terrace in Clifton, Bristol was also fined by the court.

On October 31 of last year at Terrace Park in Bristol, he participated in a “gathering of more than six people”.

He has been fined £ 1,760 and must pay Victim Services £ 176 as well as £ 90 in court costs.

The 20-year-old must also pay the fine by May 25 of this year.

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Scott Nigel Riddle, 37, of Halswell Close in Bridgwater was also fined £ 1,760 for participating in a rally of more than six people.

Returning on October 27 at Blake Gardens on Binford Place, he was caught with more than six people.

On top of the fine, he has to pay £ 176 to victim services and £ 90 in court costs.

Riddle also has until May 25 to pay his fine.

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