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Twenty years ago, the first customer received the keys to his new V12 Vanquish. Without the extras, the two-seater coupe (there was also a 2 + 2) cost £ 158,000. By the time production of the model and its sister car, the more powerful V12 Vanquish S, ended in 2007, only 2,600 units had left the Aston Martin factory in Newport Pagnell. This modest number explains why prices for used Vanquish vouchers today start at £ 60,000. At the other extreme, the best cars cost at least double.

With a 5.9-liter monster V12, in a choice of standard 460bhp or 520bhp S-forms, heroic thirst and even more heroic maintenance bills, you’d imagine it’s a wealthy man’s occasional toy. . But a surprising number of the cars advertised have driven nearly 50,000 miles, while the one we found, a 2003 manual, did 94,000 (it costs £ 55,000). Its owner has had it for 15 years, during which time he had what he calls a few “Aston Martin moments” but nothing serious. “Cars like the Vanquish have to be driven regularly, and mine is proving they can handle it,” he says. Its experience backs up what Terry Couzens of Vantage Engineering says about the Vanquish being reliable and easily withstanding the rigors of everyday driving, even if you need to service the clutch around town.

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The model marked a new chapter in the history of Aston Martin. It was a very modern sports car with a glued aluminum chassis built around a carbon fiber transmission tunnel. Elements of traditional craftsmanship have remained in the hand-finished aluminum body panels and the engine, which bears its manufacturer’s name. Of course, this handcrafted look means that no two defeated are the same and they all require careful consideration to establish their condition. If you don’t feel up to the job, consider having the car inspected by an independent Aston Martin engineer such as Rikki Cann (

The regular and S versions (the latter launched in 2004) send their power to the rear wheels via a semi-automatic gearbox. It’s a reliable box, aside from the gear position sensor issues on early cars, but nonetheless, many owners had their cars converted to manual, a job that Aston Martin Works and others were doing. happy to accomplish. At the time of this writing, about half of the Vanquish we found advertised had a manual gearbox, so it’s popular – but we would prefer a car with the standard automated manual gearbox.

You can distinguish the regular and S models by the latter’s aerodynamic splitter, revised grille and spoiler, and a leather-covered center console. As for options, the Sports Dynamic Pack, launched in 2003 for 460bhp cars but standard on S models and which included upgraded suspension and brakes, is worth looking out for. The 2003 Linn sound system is desirable, while the few 2 + 2 cars fetch higher prices.

Production ended with the Vanquish S Ultimate Edition, a 50-piece special with unique paint and interior trim. Whichever version appeals to you, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

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