Ministers should ask people in Yorkshire about leveling up, says Labor leader Yorkshire News

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer and West Yorkshire mayoral candidate Tracy Brabin packing a box of food while visiting a food bank project at St Giles Food Share in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, during the election campaign to the mayor of West Yorkshire. Photo: PA

On a visit to Pontefract today, in a last campaign breath before the polls open tomorrow, Sir Keir reaffirmed his support for the return, saying that crime and transportation would be Brabin’s main focus.

“I absolutely support the devolution of power and what you’ve seen with Labor mayors, look at Andy Burnham, look at other Labor mayors, he’s a powerful voice for their communities,” he said.

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“Here in West Yorkshire, we need a powerful voice and Tracy Brabin is that powerful voice. She will defend West Yorkshire against the Government and I think that is what the people need more than anything.

“Here in Pontefract, we are in a food distribution center, the Government talks about leveling up, they should come here and talk to the people here about leveling up. Tracy will be a powerful voice for these communities. “

Visiting St Giles Food Share, Sir Keir said: “I’m here again with Tracy Brabin, our mayoral candidate for West Yorkshire Underground, and she has a fantastic job-focused plan: 1,000 jobs for the area, especially for young people.

“He also has a very, very good plan for transport and buses, and we’ve seen what Andy Burnham has done in Manchester with transport. Smart, affordable and efficient transportation that really helps communities, that’s what we can have here with Tracy Brabin.

“What I tell people is that if you want that, if you value it, vote for it. She, of course, will also be very, very tough on crime because the crime levels here are too high and she will cut them down. “

Although Labor is expected to win in West Yorkshire, Sir Keir said he did not expect Labor to rebound from its 2019 general election result in just one year when asked about polls that suggested his party might have a poor performance on “super Thursday”.

“We are fighting for every vote in those elections tomorrow,” he said.

“We are having a very positive reception at the gates, we will enter tomorrow in good spirits.

“Whatever the results, I will take responsibility, as I take responsibility for everything in the Labor Party.”

When asked if he would have to rethink his leadership approach if the results are bad, the party leader added: “Well, look, I took over the Labor Party after the worst general election result since 1935.

“We have to rebuild ourselves for the next general elections, that is the task at hand.

“This is the first test and we go to that test fighting for every vote, but I never thought that we would climb the mountain that we have to climb in just one year, it is going to take longer than that.”

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson said it would be “very difficult” for the Conservative Party during local elections and sought to minimize his party’s chances of taking over Hartlepool’s Westminster constituency in the by-elections, despite recent polls showing the Conservatives 17 points ahead. of labor holders.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-05 11:57:10