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COVID-19: Who gets trapped among the over 50s? Here are the latest vaccine statistics | UK News

New figures from the Bureau of National Statistics have revealed the taking of first-dose COVID doses among those over 50 in England.

Due to progress in the coronavirus vaccination program, it can be assumed that a substantial proportion over the age of 50 had been offered a vaccine until April 12 – the period to which the figures apply.

Here’s what the numbers show:

About three in ten blacks over 50 have not been vaccinated

Vaccination rates for the first dose of a COVID vaccine were lower among all minority ethnic groups compared to the white British population.
The lowest vaccination rates were recorded among people who identified as Black Caribbean and Black Africans (66.8% and 71.2% respectively), followed by people of Pakistani descent (78.4%). %).
This compares to a vaccination rate of 93.7% of white Britons over 50, 90.9% among those identifying as Indian and 86.9% among those identifying as Bangladeshi.
Statistical modeling showed that the odds of not receiving a dose of the vaccine were 7.4 times higher for people of black Caribbean descent than for people of white British descent.
After adjusting for age, sex, socio-demographic characteristics, and underlying health conditions, the odds were still 5.6 times higher.
For people who identified as black Africans, the unadjusted odds were six times higher, while the adjusted odds were 3.4 times higher.

Vaccination rates differ by religious affiliation

The vaccination rate was highest for those who identified as Christians (93.2%).
The lowest vaccination rates were observed for those who identify as Muslims (78.8%), Buddhists (83.3%) or of another religion (81.4%).
But, after adjusting for geography, socio-demographic factors, and underlying health conditions, those who identified as Sikhs and Hindus had a higher likelihood of being vaccinated than those in the Christian group.

Jab rates also appear to be lower among those who live in more disadvantaged areas and …

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