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Fishmongers’ Hall Investigation: Attacker Usman Khan “Denounced” by Abu Hamza for Calling Non-Believers “Dirty” | UK News

Fishmongers’ Hall terrorist Usman Khan said he was “berated” by extremist preacher Abu Hamza for calling non-believers “dirty”, an investigative jury heard.

Khan claimed he told Hamza he had “softened and lost his advantage,” Khan’s theological mentor said.

The mentor, called TM during the investigation, said the story was told when he first met Khan.

Usman Khan and Saskia Jones in prison rehabilitation program at Fishmongers'  Hall in London before the London Bridge attack in November 2019. Pic: Met Police
Usman Khan and Saskia Jones at the event at Fishmongers’ Hall. Pic: Police met

In handwritten notes from April 18, 2019, four months after Khan’s release from Whitemoor Category A prison, TM wrote that Khan told him that Hamza “berated me” for calling unbelievers ” dirty kuffar [infidels]”.

The notes added, quoting Khan: “I was young, angry, brash. He had changed. I lost some respect for him back then, but now I see he had seen it again and realized that he had regrets about his previous behavior. “

The mentor, who cannot be named, said: “It made me raise my eyebrows and I asked him about the background and he said he may have looked for points in the books. of Abu Hamza when he first met him and to prove his extremist credentials. “

Hamza allegedly told him that the language he used was “irrelevant” and Khan added that he was “disappointed with Abu Hamza and thought he had softened or lost his advantage in incarceration” .

But Khan also apparently said he “now realized that someone as entrenched as Abu Hamza had also had the opportunity to rethink some of his earlier decisions.”

Hamza had previously been jailed in the UK for inciting violence and was extradited to New York after an eight-year legal battle.

He is currently serving a life sentence in the United States for terrorist offenses.

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