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Rottweiler Undergoes Surgery After Eating 30 Of Owner’s PPE Gloves | UK News

A dog’s secret habit of eating its owner’s PPE during the coronavirus pandemic was revealed after vets discovered the hungry dog ​​managed to use 30 gloves.

Rambo the Rottweiler was taken to an animal hospital for an exam after bringing a glove – where an endoscopy revealed he had consumed 30 in total.

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The first glove is located in Rambo's stomach using endoscopy
The first glove is located in Rambo’s stomach using endoscopy

Seven-year-old Rambo happily entered the theater “without concern for the world”, to the surprise of the surgeons who treated him.

But what was initially to be a brief operation took three hours.

Keith Leonard, who led the endoscopy at a Vets4Pets hospital in Leeds, said: “When Rambo was referred to us we didn’t think we would find much, especially since he literally bounced around the hospital.

“Every time we took out a glove, we would come back to check it was the last one and find another – it was something we had never seen or heard before.

“While Rambo was outwardly healthy, it wouldn’t have taken much for his situation to turn critical and his owner’s quick thinking to bring him into the practice, and then our hospital actually saved his life.

Some of the gloves recovered from Rambo's stomach
Some of the gloves recovered from Rambo’s stomach

Owner Darren Coyne, of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, had received a number of boxes of gloves for his work in a hotel during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rambo had rummaged through his supplies, kept in the back of his car, on trips to exercise, Mr Coyne said.

He explained, “I had a number of boxes of gloves and I just assumed I had used one box, which is why Rambo managed to eat them and hide them.

“When he got sick with a glove, I immediately recognized him and searched the car for evidence that he was eating something else. That’s when I …

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