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London mosque attack: stones and eggs thrown at Muslim worshipers | UK News

Muslims attending a London mosque were pelted with eggs and stones in a suspected Islamophobic attack.

the Police met opened an investigation after an incident outside the Islamic Center in Ilford that led to the conviction of local politicians.

Mosque staff said the items were thrown from a silver estate car by a white, shaven-headed man and at least three other people were in the vehicle.

Ahmed Nahwaz, director and secretary of the center, said the incident was “a shame” but the community remained strong.

“I was taken by surprise because we had 20 very quiet and peaceful nights and then it happened,” Nahwaz said.

“We didn’t expect this kind of time in the cooling off period for everyone, after going through COVID-19.

“It’s a shame (but) we’re used to it. We’re a strong community and we take it on the chin. It makes us tired rather than fearful.”

Nawaz said police and local authorities were “very supportive” following the incident, but attacks on the Muslim community were often “overlooked” in the media.

“We just want to be treated like humans, like everyone else,” he said.

Police said they received a report of race-aggravated criminal damage around 11 p.m. Tuesday evening at Albert Road Mosque in Ilford.

The Federation of Muslim Organizations in Redbridge (FORMO) said eggs and other items were thrown at worshipers and five people were hit, but none seriously injured.

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