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Election results: Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes of a majority in Holyrood remain at knife edge | Political news

SNP’s hopes for a majority in the Scottish election are on a razor’s edge this morning, but Nicola Sturgeon’s party remains on track for a historic fourth term.

Ms Sturgeon told Sky News that a majority is “very much in the balance” and “has always been far.”

She has previously argued that winning more than half of the seats in Holyrood would give her the mandate to hold a second independence referendum. The last contest in 2014 saw 55% of Scots vote to stay in the UK.

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Asked about the prospect of another referendum, Boris Johnson said on Friday: ‘What people in this country want to see are politicians of all kinds … across the UK working together to bounce back from the pandemic . I don’t think people want much more constitutional wrangling. “

He insisted that he would not support an “irresponsible” referendum.

The SNP made three gains yesterday, including Tory Central Edinburgh where former party leader in Westminster Angus Robertson was elected.

Nationalists also won Ayr from the Tories and East Lothian from Labor. But Scotland’s proportional electoral system will likely mean that both gains will be offset by losses on the regional list.

Counting in the remaining constituencies will continue today. The allocation of the 56 Holyrood regional list seats will also be announced.

So far the SNP has won 39 seats, the Liberal Democrats four, the Scottish Tories three and the Scottish Labor two. The final three parties and the Scottish Greens are expected to receive more seats when the list results are announced.

Scottish Labor has retained the main fringe of Dumbarton and South Edinburgh.

Party leader Anas Sarwar, who has only been in office since March, said: “Ten weeks ago people predicted that I was at 14% of the polls. People …

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