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Green list country: the minister defends the resumption of “cautious” holidays in the face of industry criticism | Political news

A cabinet minister defended the “cautious start” of reopening international holiday travel in the face of industry demands to expand the green list of foreign destinations without quarantine.

Speaking to Sky News, Environment Secretary George Eustice acknowledged this was a “modest first step”, but said the list of approved countries would be regularly reviewed and the coronavirus more improved situation would be added.

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Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel are part only 12 destinations which will be on the green list from May 17, when the ban on leisure travel abroad will be lifted – some countries presented still not accepting holidaymakers.

Holiday hotspots Spain, France, Italy and Greece have been added to the Amber List – destinations that people are advised not to travel to and from which arrivals must self-isolate at home for 10 days and pass two tests after arrival.

The industry has warned that the government’s approach could hamper the recovery of the travel sector, which has borne the economic brunt of the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic.

Couples, who do not live in eligible countries, also said they felt “forgotten” by the green travel list.

But health experts have backed the limited measures taken by the government, calling them “sane.”

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Mr Eustice said: “This is a cautious start to trying to loosen up travel. We have been cautious about loosening the …

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