When will Waitrose bring back free coffee after Covid-19? Brighton News

WAITROSE has no plans to bring back free coffee for the foreseeable future, The Argus can reveal.

MyWaitrose cardholders can normally claim free tea or coffee when they visit their local branch.

However, this has been suspended since March of last year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A sign at a Brighton branch read: “We’re sorry, we’re shutting down our coffee machine for now so the partners who provide the service can keep our shelves stocked with essentials.”

Waitrose’s free coffees are popular but have been controversial in the past

Waitrose told Argus that there are currently no plans to reopen the communal cafes.

A spokesperson said: “For reasons of hygiene, as well as the health and safety of our customers, there are no plans to reopen them.

“This is in line with government guidelines, which we continue to monitor.”

Although it is closed to buyers for more than a year, it is understood that there are no plans to completely scrap coffee machines.

A spokesperson described the service as “a big part of our customer offering”.

He added that social distancing restrictions and the need to maintain strict hygiene standards due to the pandemic mean reopening is impractical at this time.

This latest news follows several changes in the offer over the past few years.

In 2017, Waitrose announced that coffee drinkers should buy something in-store before getting their caffeine fix.

The following year, it was decided to discard the take-out disposable cups in an effort to reduce landfill waste.

As a result, customers had to bring a reusable mug with them in order to claim their free drink.

The Argus: It remains to be seen when free coffees return to WaitroseIt remains to be seen when the free coffees return to Waitrose

Supermarkets across the country are still enforcing a series of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, with limits on how many people they can have in store, social distancing between shoppers and some only allowing one. adult per household at a time.

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