Buy Them Before Us: Pre-Owned Picks For May 7 Car News

New car sales and the PCP finance deals that support them are getting all the attention, but smart people buy almost new, where cars still smell like new but cost a lot less.

With the showrooms open again, we found five great deals of nearly new cars, starting with this BMW 3 Series: a 69 reg sedan with 8,000 miles and the Plus pack (heated front seats with improved padding).

It cost £ 34,260 new, but you could easily have negotiated £ 2,500 off that figure, bringing it down to £ 31,760 – almost exactly £ 10,000 more than our year-old example.

Such savings explain why buyers cannot afford to ignore nearly new cars. Not only do they save a fortune on the list price, the monthly PCP payments for them are also lower.

It’s also not as if our example was advertised by an independent dealer. Instead, this is an approved pre-owned BMW with all the bells and whistles offered by the brand’s program.

Granted, the SE trim has since been replaced with an improved SE Pro, which only offers an automatic gearbox. However, that only pushes the new price to £ 37,865 before any cuts are made, which makes our one-year SE manual even more tempting.

Either way, the SE trim gives you plenty of standard features, including V-spoke alloy rims, adaptive LED headlights, satellite navigation, and front and rear parking sensors. So just £ 21,750 for Autocar’s five-star leader.

There’s a lot of talk about diesel cars falling out of favor, but while this is certainly true on the news, the examples used still appeal to cost-conscious high-mileage drivers, thanks to their superior economy.

Renault Kadjar 1.3 TCe GT Line £ 16,499: This version of the Kadjar would set you back around £ 23,000 new, but why pay that when you can have a 70-registration car with 1,400 miles for £ 6,500 less? Probably for the smell of a new car, an additional 12 month warranty, and zero financing. But we? We would take the savings.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-07 05:01:24