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Scottish independence referendum: Nicola Sturgeon tells Boris Johnson the new vote is ‘when, not if’ | Political news

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon told the Prime Minister it was “when, not if” there will be another vote on Scottish independence.

His party narrowly failed to gain the majority in this week Scottish Parliament elections, but with the Greens, there is a pro-independence majority in Holyrood.

During a call with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson On Sunday, she said another referendum on Scotland’s separation from the UK was now inevitable once the COVID recovery was on track.

Her spokesperson said: ‘The Prime Minister has made it clear that her immediate goal is to lead the country through COVID and recovery, and that a newly elected Scottish government will work with the UK government to the extent possible in this goal.

“The Prime Minister also reiterated her intention to ensure that the people of Scotland can choose their own future after the crisis is over, and made it clear that the question of a referendum is now a question of when, not if.”

The SNP has vowed to introduce legislation for another vote, but that could be challenged by the UK government in court.

A Downing Street statement on the call made no reference to the prospect of another referendum.

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He said the prime minister congratulated Mrs. Sturgeon on securing “the most seats in the Scottish Parliament” and “concluded by emphasizing the importance of focusing on recovering from COVID at this time”.

Mr Johnson has invited her, along with the leaders of the decentralized administrations of Wales and Northern Ireland, to a summit on recovery from the pandemic.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove also declined to be shot at the prospect of a repeat of the 2014 vote during interviews on Sunday.

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