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A HARRY STYLES superfan says it “meant the world” to have a fleeting encounter with the star on the set of his new movie.

Francesca Thornton, 23, was hoping to catch a glimpse of the musician as he filmed a scene for her upcoming film My Policeman at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton on Sunday.

After managing to get a great vantage point from which to watch Harry with her co-star Emma Corrin, Francesca said she decided to wait at the gate to the Pavilion Gardens to watch him go.

She was elated not only to see her idol leave the set, but also to get a wave of the hand and a smile as he passed.

She said: “I was next to the car while she was at the traffic lights and joking around waving, sending kisses, saying thank you, while my friend showed her a painting she made. .

“Then, just as the lights turned green, he rolled down his window and waved to us. He was really nice.

Harry Styles filmed in locations across Brighton and Hove

“To have even the smallest of interactions with someone I have admired all these years was really amazing.”

Francesca, who identifies as gay, said getting recognition from Harry “meant the world” because she saw him as an ambassador to challenge gender norms.

She said, “I think Harry as a solo artist really resonates with me because as a queer person it’s so reassuring and heartwarming to see other influencers accept and embrace their identities.

The Argus: Harry Styles and Emma Corrin filming My Policeman in BrightonHarry Styles and Emma Corrin shoot My Policeman in Brighton

“He really lives up to his ‘treat people with kindness’ mantra. He seems to be one of the nicest people in the music and movie business now.

Francesca, a University of Brighton graduate, believes the film will be a ‘boost’ for the city and encourage people to visit places used as sets.

She said: “The film gave job opportunities to people working with the crew and set and it increased business for places like The Vine pub, where Harry filmed in Worthing.

The Argus: My Policeman stars Harry Styles and Emma CorrinMy Policeman stars Harry Styles and Emma Corrin

“I am delighted to see what Brighton will look like in the film. Once the film is released it will continue to boost the promotion of the city with more tourists visiting and perhaps visiting places they would not generally consider going such as Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and further afield such as Worthing and Newhaven. ”

Harry Styles, known to be one of the most successful members of One Direction, plays Tom, a policeman, in My Policeman.

The story takes place in the late 1990s when the arrival of Patrick, an elderly invalid, triggers an exploration of events 40 years earlier – Tom and Patrick’s relationship at a time when being gay was illegal.

Emma Corrin, 25, who played Princess Diana in The Crown, plays Marion, Harry’s on-screen woman.

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