Sussex CCP result makes Brighton ‘important’ for work Brighton News

The finalist in the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner election said the outcome in the city was “important” to Labor.

Paul Richards finished behind Katy Bourne in the election, which allowed her to keep her post for the third time.

However, despite the general loss, Mr. Richards enjoyed success at Brighton and Hove, securing nearly 20,000 first preference votes.

It comes amid waning support for the party across the country in Friday’s local elections.

He told Argus that the city had a “very strong hold” for the Labor Party, despite the national decline.

He said: “This has been a really important result for the Brighton and Hove Labor Party because it shows that there is really strong support and really strong support for the Labor Party.

“This will allow the Brighton and Hove Labor parties to play the role of the next council and the next general election very well.

“I am really happy with the result in Brighton.

The Argus: Paul Richards of Labor Paul Richards from work

“The Labor Party has a long way to go so I will help them become eligible again.”

Katy Bourne got her third term after receiving 244,810 votes, in an election that saw a turnout of 35.77% – an increase from 23% in 2016.

This means Ms. Bourne will have held the position for more than a decade after her term ends in 2024.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-10 16:45:09