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Julia James’ dog helps police rebuild the last moments of the PCSO | UK News

Julia James’ dog took part in a police reconstruction near where its owner was found dead last month.

The Jack Russell pet was accompanied by an actress to recreate the route taken by the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) on the day of his death and to encourage any remaining witnesses to come forward.

Toby was found unharmed near the scene where Mrs. JamesThe woman’s body was found last month, after the 53-year-old took it for a walk near her home in Snowdown, Kent, April 27.

Julia James.  Pic: Kent Police
Julia James, pictured below, walking her dog Toby and wearing the same clothes as when she died. Pic: Kent Police
Julia James in an image released by Kent Police

Police believe there are people who were in the area on the same day who they would like to talk to.

The reconstruction came as a 21-year-old man appeared in court charged with the murder of Ms James.

Deputy Chief of Police Tom Richards said: “Today, on the second anniversary of Julia’s death, we will be leading, with an actress and Toby, Julia’s dog Jack Russell, a reconstruction.

“Once again, I appeal to anyone who sees this footage today and can remember anything that might be of use to the investigation to help us put these last vital pieces together.”

An actress wearing clothes identical to those Mrs James wore last time – a light blue waterproof coat, blue jeans and dark boots – left the hamlet of Snowdown with Toby on a leash.

She took the same path Ms James would have taken moments before her death.

Police searched meadows near an address in Aylesham, Kent
Police searched meadows near an address in Aylesham, Kent – see below
Police also searched for an address in Aylesham in connection with Ms James'  murder on April 27

Mr Richards said: “This is his typical daily walk with Toby around the perimeter of this field.

“And finally, you will see her conclude her walk around the field and enter the forest where unfortunately she was found shortly after four o’clock, two weeks ago …

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