Ford calls for clear roadmap for 2030 combustion ban Car News

Ford has called on the UK government to come up with a clear plan this year to prepare the country for the 2030 ban on the sale of most new non-zero-emission cars.

Speaking at the Financial Times’ Future of the Car summit, Ford Europe boss Stuart Rowley said a government-backed plan led by a cabinet minister was needed both to encourage consumers to switch electric vehicles and to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place. to support them.

Rowley wants this square to be in place ahead of the United Nations National Climate Change Conference (COP26) that the UK is hosting in November.

“In the UK we are calling on the government to put in place a clear plan,” Rowley said. “It needs to be led at the ministerial level, but it needs to involve local governments as well as national utility providers and industry players. We think we should have it in place before COP26 so that we can continue and implement this plan. “

Ford is committed to electric its European fleet by 2030, with each model sold being plug-in hybrid or electric.

Rowley said: “We have made our decision, and the [car] the industry has largely made a decision on how this is going. This is no longer to be debated. Policymakers have made direction statements and introduced laws, but the reality is we need a plan to get there.

“We plan to actively change our business, with more than $ 3 billion [£2.1bn] investment behind this plan in Europe, and we need [government] plans to help consumers make the transition, especially around infrastructure and support. Charging is essential, and we’re going to have to go much faster in terms of charging points.

“We also need to help customers with this transition. Today’s electric vehicles are more expensive and we are going to have to encourage their purchase and use. There are many in place across Europe, some more successful than others, but what we are asking for is a long-term vision: to put [incentives] in place, indicate how long they will be in place, and allow automakers and consumers to make that transition. “

Rowley said ensuring that new electric vehicles are affordable and accessible to everyone is also essential to ensure customers change.

“Especially when it comes to a ban on combustion engine products, that means nobody can buy them,” Rowley said. “If we don’t succeed, what will happen? [after 2030] People will keep control of older, more polluting vehicles, especially less affluent customers.

“They must also be part of this trip. We cannot leave the people behind: we have to bring all the regions of the country. It’s different if you live in London or the rural north of England, and we need everyone to participate. “

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This notice was published: 2021-05-13 15:31:12