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COVID-19: Here’s what you’re most excited to do as England’s lockdown eases | UK News

Inner hospitality and hugs get the green light tomorrow as restrictions ease in England – and people are excited.

Sky News spoke to people about what they expect most with the return of more freedoms, including meeting friends indoors, trips to the movies and the theater, and eating indoors being all over the place. back to menu.

Ellie Coole-Vert

Ellie can’t wait to kiss her family and friends

“It will be great to see friends again and be around people’s energy. Just being around people… people you love and care about.

“I can’t wait to cuddle with my family and friends.”

Ian cooper

Ian cooper
Ian Cooper can’t wait to see his son play sports

“I can’t wait to go see my son play sports.

“I just drove him to Warwick and we weren’t allowed to go and watch if two hours to get there, not able to watch rugby. I’m looking forward to that, it will be really good.

“It’s going to be nice to get up to see my dad. He’s 80 years old. I haven’t been able to see him since before Christmas.”

Emmanuel Amidi

Emmanuel wants to do more things inside

“I can’t wait to come back with my friends, my family and be able to go inside as well.

“We got back together a bit but we can now sit around a table.

“I’m a hug and haven’t been able to hug my mom for long enough because she lives in sheltered housing, so there have been more restrictions there.

Emily, Justin and Millie Caust

Emily, Justin and Millie
Emily, Justin and Millie are excited to socialize

Emily: “I’m really looking forward to more socializing groups for Millie.

“It’s been pretty isolating for her – she’s eight months old.

“It’s my first, so I didn’t know a difference but at the same time it was quite strange not to be …

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