Drivers urged to be careful after cars skid on Sussex roads Brighton News

DRIVERS were warned to be careful in wet conditions after several incidents of skidding cars on the road, with one “ending in a field”.

Mid Sussex Police have urged motorists to surrender to conditions after cars left the roads this morning, including a Fiat Punto at Hanlye Lane in Cuckfield.

The force said on Twitter: ‘Thank you for your patience as we deal with a vehicle that had pulled off the road on Hanlye Lane in Cuckfield this morning.

“Incidents like this remind us to surrender to the conditions.

“No one was injured on this occasion.”

Inspector Darren Taylor of the Mid Sussex Neighborhood Police Unit added that there had been another incident at College Road in Hayward’s Heath, where a car “ended up in a field”.

He said: “The driver lost control in the turn due to bad weather conditions.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and the vehicle was recovered from the field.

“There has been torrential rains here lately after a dry spell, which affects the oil on the roads.

“We saw three incidents this morning where cars left the road.

“Just be careful and go slow because the roads are slippery.”

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This notice was published: 2021-05-16 12:25:27