Ford will take inspiration from the American range in European markets Car News

Ford will seek to build more on its American heritage with its future European range, according to the European boss of the firm.

The company is the only mainstream US manufacturer still active in the European market, and European boss Stuart Rowley said that gives it a point of differentiation from its competitors. Big rival GM left the UK market after selling Vauxhall. The American brand Jeep sells vehicles in the UK, but it only has a limited range of off-road vehicles and is now part of the Italian-French group Stellantis based in the Netherlands.

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Ford has long developed a tailor-made range in the UK and Europe. Its product line has changed dramatically in recent years, with the new Puma crossover now edging out the still top-selling Fiesta and the company recently announcing the discontinuation of the Mondeo sedan.

“You see the Ford portfolio changing in Europe as we grow and grow in public services [SUVs]Rowley said at the FT Future of the Car conference. “In the future, we will have a more differentiated and savvy portfolio of passenger vehicles, all of which will be electrified, and we will create experiences around them.

Rowley points to the success of the Mustang, which Ford reintroduced to the UK market ten years ago, and which has now been extended to a sub-brand encompassing the muscle car and electric SUV Mustang Mach-E.

Ford will also offer the latest plug-in hybrid version of the large Explorer SUV, which has long been one of its most popular US vehicles, in select European markets.

Rowley added, “We launched the Ford Explorer [in select markets], and it sells well. It’s a different product; it is not for everyone but there are consumers who like it.

“Ford is currently the only American brand in Europe and this is a unique position we can build on. Many people are drawn to some of these characteristics and only Ford can market such products. “

Rowley also highlighted the success of the Ranger Raptor performance pickup, saying, “Who would have thought this would resonate with European customers?”

Rowley noted that import tariffs mean that products not built in the UK-EU tariff free trade zone will only be offered as niche products in Europe in the future. Another challenge is the potential impact of any new product on Ford’s European CO2 emissions targets, which is seen as one of the main reasons the company insisted it did not. had no intention of selling the Bronco off-roader in Europe. A plug-in hybrid version of this machine is under development and it is possible that, like the Explorer, it could be sold in Europe in small volumes.

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