Autocar’s Great Women Podcast: Alison Jones of Stellantis Car News

Tune in to our new Autocar podcast series, where this episode we talk to Stellantis Senior Vice President and UK Manager Alison Jones about her career in the industry, how she got to where she is today. hui and why Stellantis is such an exciting place to work.

Having been in the automotive industry for 30 years, working for a number of companies in a myriad of different roles, Jones is uniquely positioned to provide real insight into how to build a career in the automotive world. We talk to her about her tips for being successful in the industry and what she would recommend to others, especially as the auto industry seeks to embrace greater diversity.

About the podcast

The Autocar Great Women Podcast is a new series designed to build on the groundbreaking Great Women initiative that Autocar has led for six years, promoting the brightest and best talent in the automotive industry.

We’ll speak to the world’s most influential voices, getting to know the people behind the headlines and learning how their experiences have shaped our industry today. We hope you find them interesting regardless of your outlook: whether you are an Autocar reader, a 30-year industry veteran, or someone just starting their career. Covering loads of fascinating topics, we’ll be talking to all kinds of people inside and outside the industry.

How to listen

This is the easiest part. You can listen here using the web player above, or download and stream to any digital listening device of your choice, as each podcast will be available through

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