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Fred West: ‘Structural Anomalies’ Discovered at Cafe Linked to Serial Killer and Missing Daughter Mary Bastholm | UK News

Forensic archaeologists have confirmed that there are a number of “structural anomalies” in the coffee cellar that they are looking for evidence related to serial killer Fred West and a historical missing person case.

Police searched the Clean Plate cafe in Gloucester on the occasion of the disappearance of Mary Bastholm, who disappeared in 1968 at the age of only 15 years.

Serial killer West, who committed suicide in prison in 1995 at the age of 53, was previously suspected of his disappearance.

Ms. Bastholm’s body has never been found.

A police tent outside the Clean Plate Cafe in Southgate Street, Gloucester.  Photo date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021.
Excavations will now begin at the Clean Plate Cafe to determine ‘if human remains are present’

The detective in charge of the investigation said the search will now take place after “assessments at the scene, to establish whether human remains are present”.

Gloucestershire Police had received possible evidence from a television production company that had made a documentary, suggesting that the body of the missing teenager could be buried there.

This included an image of what appeared to be blue material buried in an area of ​​the cellar. Mary was wearing a blue coat when she disappeared.

Undated file photo of Mary Bastholm, 15 when she was reported missing on January 6, 1968 and has never been found.  Issue date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021.
Mary Bastholm was 15 when she was reported missing on January 6, 1968 and has never been found

Chief Detective Inspector John Turner said: “The analysis of our experts and the material provided by the production company means that there is sufficient evidence to justify the start of the excavation work.

“I spoke to the family and was so impressed with their quiet dignity and gratitude for all the work we have done and will do.

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Police continue to search for Mary

“They understand that we may not find human remains, but they also know that we will do whatever we can to establish …

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