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COVID-19: Nurse Jenny McGee, who looked after Boris Johnson in intensive care, resigns from NHS | Political news

A nurse who looked after the prime minister when he was gravely ill with the coronavirus has resigned, attacking the government’s offer of a 1% salary increase and what she says is his disrespect for the profession.

Jenny McGee, who cared for Boris Johnson in intensive care at St Thomas’ Hospital in April 2020, said: “We don’t get the respect and pay now that we deserve.”

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File photo dated 5/7/2020 of Jenny McGee, the nurse who looked after Boris Johnson while he was gravely ill with COVID-19
Ms McGee attends an event in Downing Street in 2020 to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the NHS

“I’m just fed up. So I handed in my resignation,” she added.

Ms. McGee, originally from New Zealand, made the comments, speaking about his experience caring for Mr Johnson as he wrestled COVID-19[female[feminine.

“All around him there were many, many sick patients, some of whom were dying,” she told a Channel 4 documentary called The Year Britain Stopped.

“I remember seeing him and thinking he looked very, very sick. He was a different color, really.

“It’s so surreal, it’s the Prime Minister. They are very complicated patients to treat and we just didn’t know what was going to happen.”

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April 2020: intensive care of the PM “ absolutely necessary ”

In the program, which airs on May 24, Ms McGee said it was a “bizarre” time.

PM congratulated Ms McGee and nurse Luis Pitarma after being released from hospital in London he said: “The reason my body finally started getting enough oxygen was that every second of the night they were watching.”

In July, Ms McGee said she was asked to participate in an ‘cheer for caregivers’ event at a Downing Street garden party.

She had been invited to number 10 with another nurse to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.

“That would have been a really good …

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