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Heartbroken dad pays tribute to ‘loving’ and ‘caring’ Demi Morrison who lost battle with cancer at age 24 UK News

She was a fighter – until the very end.

This is how Demi Morrison’s devastated father will remember his “cheeky” and “bubbly” daughter who tragically died of cancer at the age of 24.

William Morrison says the family still struggle to understand how his daughter deteriorated at such a rapid rate, despite being told less than a year ago that her condition was curable.

He said: “When we got a phone call to say that she was dead, I just didn’t know what to say.

“It doesn’t feel real. Everything was in slow motion. I was numb inside and couldn’t process it.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking. We still have a hard time accepting it. She’s still my little girl and it’s devastating.

“I see videos and photos of her, I collapse.

“We just didn’t think the cancer would take over so quickly.”

Demi’s family believe a sarcoma, which first started in her leg, was missed by doctors while she remained in Scotland.

Back in the Northeast, she was diagnosed and underwent surgery to remove the tumor.

Doctors initially hoped she would beat him, but in a cruel blow, she was told – three days before Christmas – that it was terminally ill.

Andrew was with Demi when she passed away last week.
Andrew was with Demi when she passed away last week.

Demi had between two and five years to live, which sent shock waves through the family.

However, that time frame was drastically reduced to just a few months after doctors found the cancer had spread to other areas of her body.

Demi lost her brave battle with cancer on May 12 with the love of his life Andrew Charleston holding her hand, as he had promised.

The pain of seeing his daughter deteriorate and knowing that there was nothing he could do is something that will haunt William forever.

Demi Morrison pictured with her brother William
Demi Morrison pictured with her brother William

The 53-year-old builder said: “Demi was someone who spoke candidly and told you what she was thinking to your face.

“She was sassy, ​​loving, caring and bubbly and we loved her so much. She was a wonderful daughter and sister and a very determined woman.

“As a father it’s so difficult because you want to protect your children but there was nothing I could do. I felt like I was letting Demi down.

“No one should die before their parents. I told her that I would change places with her if I could.

“She is such a part of this family and we still can’t believe it. It looks like a dream, a nightmare.

“We were very close and I would do anything for her. We don’t know how we’ll move on. She’s way too young and had her whole life ahead of her.”

Demi Morrison, 24, died days after learning she had months to live with partner Andrew by her side
Demi Morrison, 24, died days after learning she had months to live with partner Andrew by her side

Demi and Andrew had just moved into a Heaton apartment together. She also dreamed of becoming a mother and even kept her eggs before starting chemotherapy.

Her death gave rise to sincere tributes from her family and friends for a young woman who left a lasting mark on those she met.

Her partner, Andrew, 24, said: “Demi was the love of my life, my whole world and more.

“We were basically together 24/7 until God took my beautiful princess away from me.

“I have never felt so much pain and suffering.

“It broke me but I kept my promise to hold his hand until the end and I did.

“She took her last breath as I held her right hand and gently touching her head, I told her not to give up yet.

“But she couldn’t fight anymore. She had fought and fought and proved that all the doctors in the 14 days we were in the hospital were wrong. She’s one in a million – I couldn’t. never love anyone like I love Demi and that love will never die. “

LR: Autumn, Carla, Papa William, Brother William, Demi, Ella, Joe, Andrew and McKenzie
LR: Autumn, Carla, Papa William, Brother William, Demi, Ella, Joe, Andrew and McKenzie

Demi leaves behind his father William, 53, his brother William, 16, his stepmother Carla Potts, 33, and his half-brother McKenzie, 13.

Mum Lesley and sisters Natasha and Lucia will miss her very much.

Natasha said: “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you here, you were my life, my soul and my best friend.

“I hope you’re at peace now and all the pain is gone. It’s not forever, it’s just goodbye until we meet again.”

So far, over £ 3,500 has been raised for Demi’s funeral on a GoFundMe page created by childhood friend Lauren Bruce grew up with Demi in Byker.

Demi, a former student of Benfield Elementary School, has been planning her funeral in her final months, including a horse and carriage and for mourners to be dressed in pink.

And in her tribute, Lauren said, “You were the funniest girl I have ever met, the life and soul of the party – little Demi Morrison.

“You fought for so long. Hope you are at peace now beautiful.

“I wish things had been different for you, you had your whole life ahead of you.

“You were a special little lady.”

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