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Rosemary West could be questioned for missing Mary Bastholm as police prepare to dig up coffee cellar | UK News

Rosemary West could be questioned about the disappearance of missing schoolgirl Mary Bastholm, police say.

Detectives prepare to dig up the cellar of a Gloucester cafe after “possible evidence” that she may be buried there.

The 15-year-old disappeared in 1968 and it has long been suspected that serial killer Fred West may have killed her.

Frederick West and Mary Bastholm
Fred West has long been suspected of missing Mary Bastholm

West was a regular at the cafe and knew Mary from her work as a waitress, Chief Inspector John Turner said.

The “House of Horrors” killer has committed at least 12 murders – most of them with his wife Rosemary.

He committed suicide in prison in 1995, aged 53, but she remains locked in a Yorkshire prison and is serving a life sentence.

Mr Turner said he “understood that Mary was missing before Fred met Rosemary, but that she could still be questioned”.

“As we learn more, I’ll wonder if people need to be interviewed and discussed and Rose West may be one of those people,” he said.

Investigations at the Clean Plate Coffee were prompted by a television production crew, who took a photo of blue equipment in an area of ​​the cellar. Mary was wearing a blue coat, dress and bag when she disappeared.

Many victims of the Wests, who were all young women, were found buried in the cellar or garden of their home.

Police officers were seen carrying items out of the cafe
Police were seen carrying items out of the cafe on Tuesday

Forensic archaeologists have confirmed to have found “six empty” in the cafe and excavations are expected to begin on Wednesday.

Two of the voids were found by the television crew and four by forensic teams.

Mr Turner said a dog was discovered by a detection dog in a basement toilet block.

“Under the surface of the concrete and the tiles, there is a void – a hole in the ground – which is an anomaly,” the chef said …

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