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COVID-19: Matt Hancock defends the government’s “clear” position on travel to Orange List countries | Political news

The health secretary defended the government’s message on international travel, insisting that vacation advice was “crystal clear.”

Since the ban on holidays abroad was lifted on Monday as part of the easing COVID-19[female[feminine restrictions, people were able to enjoy non-quarantine trips to a dozen greenlisted destinations.

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Chaos at Heathrow as overseas vacations resume

But there has been confusion over which countries are on the Amber List, destinations that require a period of home isolation after return.

When the traffic light system announcement was made earlier this month, Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps stressed that people should not travel to Amber List countries on vacation.

But thousands of people have reportedly traveled to destinations on the Orange List since Monday, such as France, Greece, Spain and the United States.

More than 150 flights are said to have left on Monday.

And there has been a series of conflicting comments from ministers that critics say have fueled the confusion.

Environment Secretary George Eustice has suggested people could travel to Amber List countries to visit family and friends.

Later that day, Health Minister Lord Bethell said traveling was “dangerous” and people should not go abroad.

Welsh Secretary Simon Hart then told Times Radio that people should use their “common sense” when it comes to traveling to Orange List countries.

He said people should only go to Amber List countries “if it’s essential” and “some people might think vacations are essential.”

Boris Johnson has sought to end the confusion by repeatedly stating this week that people should not travel to Amber List countries on vacation.

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