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Mike Hill: Former Labor MP broke Parliament’s rules on sexual misconduct, report says | Political news

A former Labor MP who left his seat in March was reportedly suspended from the House of Commons for breaking Parliament’s rules on sexual misconduct.

Former Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has been recognized by an Independent Expert Panel (IEP) for two breaches of the rules regarding his behavior towards a woman both in his parliamentary office and in her apartment .

Mr Hill left the Commons before the panel could take any action regarding his behavior.

The IEP report said that if he had not resigned, “we probably would have considered recommending the sanction of the suspension of the House.”

Its decision follows a report by the Parliamentary Standards Committee.

He found that the former MP had violated Parliament’s policy on sexual misconduct with respect to one of the three allegations made by the woman.

The woman and Mr Hill both made appeals – and the IEP ruled that the former MP broke the rules in two of the three allegations.

The first allegation was that Mr. Hill had had “unwarranted and unwelcome physical contact” with the woman on two occasions and “initiated a sexual act without consent”.

The second allegation – which was dismissed by the Parliamentary Commissioner but confirmed by the IEP – was that Mr Hill “inappropriately” touched the woman on several occasions after standing behind her in his Westminster office.

The allegation that the woman was a victim and victim of discrimination was not upheld.

Mr Hill told the IEP he was “mortified” by his verdict and said that if he had put himself “in a stupid situation of my own making” he continues to deny the allegations.

IEP President Sir Stephen Irwin said: “The sub-group took a very serious view of his conduct and had he remained a Member of Parliament a significant sanction would have been considered.

“In light of his resignation, however, the subcommittee concluded that no sanction available met the facts of this case and that …

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This notice was published: 2021-05-20 16:29:00