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Single Use Plastic Bag Charges Apply To All Stores Today – And They’re Getting More Expensive | UK News

The charge of 5p for a single-use carry bag doubles to 10p from today – and it will now apply to all businesses in England.

Previously, only large companies with 250 or more employees had to apply the levy.

Statistics from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) show that since the introduction of the 5p tax on plastic bags in England in 2015, the number of single-use bags distributed by large supermarkets fell more than 95%.

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The average person in England now only buys four single-use bags per year, up from around 140 in 2014.

At his convenience store in Sheffield, Stuart Reddish, chairman of the Federation of Independent Retailers, told Sky News: “We’ve been pushing for this for six years and now we finally have a level playing field that we can actually do this.

“A lot of small retailers already charge a fee, and that money is going to local charities.

“It’s about being environmentally friendly. We’ve seen how plastic can devastate the oceans and cause huge landfill problems. I just hope customers understand why it’s necessary.”

Research suggests they do. A December survey of Body Wrap waste and resources found that 73% of consumers supported the tax.

However, the same survey found that 26% of consumers still buy single-use bags at checkout when shopping for food.

The government expects the use of single-use carrier bags to decrease by 70% to 80% in small and medium-sized businesses now that the fees have been increased.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said, “Everyone wants to play their part in reducing the scourge of plastic waste that is destroying our environment and our oceans. The charge of 5 p. Sac has been a huge success, but there is more to it.

“From today we will increase the charge to 10 pence and extend it to all businesses. This will support the ambitious action we have already taken in our …

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