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The North East is the UK’s most popular destination for dog-friendly stays UK News

The North East has been named the UK’s most popular dog vacation destination.

With hotels reopening earlier this week, there was a 420% increase in online searches for “ dog vacations, ” according to pet care brand Bob Martin.

And data shows people are planning to head northeast, followed by the Lake District, Cornwall and the Cotswolds.

Bob Martin said the uncertainty surrounding international travel and the rise in the number of new dog owners, with a quarter of people in the UK buying a puppy on lockdown, holidaymakers will make the most of the summer in the UK with their pets.

Google Trend data shows an increase of 1183% in the search term “ staycation ” for April 2020 compared to April 2021.

And the search term “UK holidays 2021” has increased 650% in the past 12 months, while the search for “package holidays” has fallen by 52%.

Other research shows that 50% of Britons will be looking to vacation closer to home for the second summer in a row.

Pet grooming brand Bob Martin reports 420% increase in online searches for 'dog vacations'
Pet grooming brand Bob Martin reports 420% increase in online searches for ‘dog vacations’

As people plan to explore the great British countryside and hit the nearest beach, Bob Martin shared the top 10 pet hotspots for vacationers and their pets:

1. North East

2. Peak District

3. Cotswolds

4. Cornwall

5. Lake District

6. Kent

7. New Forest

8. Isle of Wight

9. Sussex

10. Norfolk

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Julie Butcher, Head of Marketing at Bob Martin, said: ‘Many of us may want to flee the UK for holidays when the lockdown ends.

“But with the increase in the number of pet owners, especially among millennials, this could prove tricky for those of us who bought a pandemic pet during the lockdown. Millennials don’t. might not be in the habit of considering a staycation.

“But, as the evidence shows, the majority of Britons will be flocking to nearby beaches and countryside, like the North East, in large numbers this year, more than ever before.”

She added, “These beaches and countryside are also hot spots for pests.

“It is important for dog owners to know how to get the most out of their UK getaway with their four-legged friends, and issues such as flea, tick and worm prevention should be on top of the agenda. order of the day; especially if you are visiting hot, humid or wooded areas this summer, where said pests reside. “

Bob Martin has also followed the advice on keeping pets safe from fleas, ticks and worms on their travels.

The company, which was founded in 1892, warns that fleas and ticks like hot, humid, and shady areas and tend to live in woods, areas with lots of wildlife and tall grass. .

They also explain that fleas and ticks are more active during the summer months and that it is imperative to provide flea and tick protection for your summer stay before travel.

For more information on Bob Martin as well as tips and advice on dealing with fleas, ticks and worms, please visit their website, here.