Brighton Council leadership was ratified at the annual meeting Brighton News

A meeting has been held to confirm who will lead the board for the coming year – with numbers limited due to the coronavirus.

The pandemic allowed only 14 out of 54 councilors to attend the annual council meeting on Thursday, considered one of the key moments of the municipal year.

However, those who were unable to attend were still able to observe the meeting at Hove Town Hall where political leadership was ratified for the next 12 months.

Green Councilor Phelim Mac Cafferty remains the head of the council, having taken over in July last year when his party became the largest group.

Councilor Mac Cafferty said it was an ‘honor and privilege’ but warned of the challenges of Covid-19 and the looming climate crisis.

He said, “We are ready to serve our great city. We have a vibrant, vibrant and amazing city and I can’t wait for us to seize every opportunity to continue our success.

“There are still challenges ahead and we continue to push for the strongest support for those who need it to help our local economy recover and reduce infections.

“I look forward to working with all parties in this chamber to put our city first and do the best for all of our residents and businesses despite the enormous challenges of the pandemic.

Councilor Mac Cafferty said there was a way to go until the pandemic was defeated, but people needed to stay safe.

He thanked all those who had followed the Covid-19 guidelines “from the bottom of their hearts” to wash their hands, wear masks and make room for others.

Argus: the city continues to be on its guard against Covid-19City continues to be on guard against Covid-19

His colleagues Hannah Clare and Sue Shanks will continue to assume their roles as deputy heads of the council.

While Labor advisers John Allcock and Carmen Appich will share the role of Leader of the Opposition, spending half the year each in office, with Councilor Allcock in charge for the first six months.

Their party colleague, Councilor Amanda Evans, will serve as Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

Councilor Steve Bell continues to be the leader of the Conservative group, with Councilors Robert Nemeth and Dee Simson as deputies.

The council has created a new adult social care subcommittee of the health and wellness council, of which green adviser Sarah Nield is expected to chair.

New Green Councilor Zoë John, who won the Hollingdean and Stanmer by-election, joins the Children, Youth and Skills Committee as Vice-Chair.

And Conservative councilor Anne Meadows, who won Patcham’s by-election, is also joining the children, youth and skills committee. she will sit on the housing committee and speak for her party on the audit and standards committee.

An amendment to the law allowing virtual voting is now obsolete, but the rules of social distancing are still respected.

This means that the number of participants at Brighton and Hove City Council meetings in person will be limited – at least for the next few months.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-21 23:01:00