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Prince William reveals to Scotland the source of his ‘happiest and saddest memories’ | UK News

Prince William has shared how his happiest and saddest memories have been in Scotland.

the Duke of Cambridge said he was in Balmoral, the Queen’s home in Aberdeenshire, when he found out his mother, Princess Diana, had died.

Delivering the opening address to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Duke revealed how he found solace and solace in the Scottish countryside during these ‘dark days of mourning’ in 1997.

Prince William (2nd from left) with Princes Harry, Philip and Charles watching floral tributes to his mother at Balmoral after her death

But he also said Scotland was where he met his wife 20 years ago while at St Andrews University, which he said was a memory of “great joy. “.

The Queen has appointed William High Commissioner to the Assembly, who participates mainly online with a small number of people in the Edinburgh Assembly Hall.

He said: “Scotland is the source of some of my fondest memories, but also of my saddest ones.

“I was in Balmoral when I was told my mother had passed away. Still in shock, I found refuge in the service at Crathie Kirk this very morning and in the dark days of grief that followed I found solace and solace in the Scottish outdoors.

“As a result, the bond I feel with Scotland will forever be deeply rooted.

“Beside this painful memory, there is a great joy because it is here in Scotland 20 years ago this year that I met Catherine for the first time.

Prince William in 2003 in St Andrews
Prince William in 2003 in St Andrews

“Needless to say, the city where you meet your future wife holds a very special place in your heart.

“George, Charlotte and Louis already know how dear Scotland is to both of us and they are starting to build their own happy memories here too.”

Speaking of St Andrews, he said he spent four “very happy and formative years” there with the city and the students leaving him alone “to continue his student life, allowing …

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