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Shameless gangs jailed this year for spreading terror in the streets of the Northeast UK News

It’s no secret that some of the Northeast’s most horrific crimes are committed by gangs.

There can be a wall of silence around gang-related crime, which makes police investigations into their activities often incredibly complex.

From drug empires to kidnappings, shootings, fraud and torture – detectives have managed to piece together cases of gangs orchestrating devastating crimes.

Fortunately, the gangs listed below were taken to court and jailed for what they did.

These are some of the gangs that will be jailed for their crimes this year.

David Nixon, Daniel Tait, his father, Thomas Tait snr and his brother, Thomas Tait jnr

Daniel Tait, Thomas Tait snr, David Nixon, Anne-Marie Glendenning and Thomas Tait jnr

This crime gang thought they were untouchable, but police infiltrated crypto cats who revealed they ran a lucrative drug empire and had a “creepy arsenal of weapons.”

Among those who were trapped when the material was passed to the National Crime Agency was former Private David Nixon, who was orchestrated by a mysterious crime boss known only as the Masterpasser.

Nixon then recruited Daniel Tait as his right-hand man as they moved large amounts of cocaine and deadly weapons, occasionally supplying dealers further down in a business worth nearly £ 100,000 a day.

Tait then roped up his father, Thomas Tait snr, in the plot to lead him when he was banned from the roads and his brother, Thomas Tait jnr, was also involved.

A Glock handgun was hidden at the home of Thomas Tait snr, while Daniel Tait, under Nixon’s direction, had also hidden an arsenal of weapons and ammunition at the home of his grandmother, Anne-Marie Glendenning.

On April 24 last year, police attended the home of Thomas Tait snr in Kenton, Newcastle, and found a kilogram of cocaine in a cupboard and another 1.5 kilograms in the attic, along with a Glock handgun, the same as those used by armed police in the United Kingdom.

The fingerprints of Daniel Tait and Thomas Tait jnr were found on the cocaine packaging.

A search warrant was also executed at their grandfather’s home, Glendenning, in Byker.

Daniel Tait had left a large tote there, inside which police found a Stribog Carbine rifle, a Sig Sauer autoloading automatic pistol, a 9mm Glock pistol loaded with a 12 round, 300 round magazine. ammunition cartridges.

Nixon, 28, of Chase Meadows in Blyth and the three Tait pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply cocaine.

Nixon and Daniel Tait, 22 of Rennington Place, Cowgate, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to three offenses of possession of prohibited firearms and two of possession of prohibited ammunition without a certificate in connection with the items in the bag at the home of Glendenning.

The gang was jailed for a collective were jailed for 35 years with Glendenning, 63, of Northumberland Terrace, Byker, to be sentenced for his involvement at a later date.

Rivver Green and Mohammed Musa

Rivver Green
Rivver Green

A gang of crack and heroin dealers who have moved to the northeast to sell their deadly drugs have been arrested by an undercover police drug.

In what prosecutors said was a so-called county operation, a group of dealers from London and the surrounding area moved to Gateshead.

But their illegal lucrative business was destroyed by a policewoman posing as a drug user to whom she repeatedly sold crack, heroin and cocaine.

Two of those involved – Rivver Green and serial narcotics peddler Mohammed Musa – have been jailed at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard that the undercover agent known as “Dee” had gained the trust of a gang known as “J Line” in October and November 2018, in the Bensham and Gateshead areas. .

After getting a phone number for them, she regularly bought drugs in a park.

Mohammed musa
Mohammed musa

Dee called the J Line number and various men met her to sell drugs, Newcastle Crown Court has learned.

Green, 25, with no fixed address, pleaded guilty to nine counts of supplying Class A drugs and Musa, 33, with no fixed address, admitted two of those offenses.

Green was jailed for three years while Musa was locked up for 2,045 days.

Ledio Bicerri, Bieru Gjona and Nevruz Gjini

Ledio Bicerri, Bieru Gjona and Nevruz Gjini (lr)
Ledio Bicerri, Bieru Gjona and Nevruz Gjini (lr)

These gang members, who were smuggled into the UK, were surprised with two carry bags full of over £ 56,000 of dirty money on Tyneside.

The three Albanian nationals have drawn the attention of police investigating an organized crime group operating cannabis farms in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Nevruz Gjini, Bieru Gjona and Ledio Bicerri were seen exiting a house in Gateshead which was used as a drop-off and pick-up point by gangsters.

When police arrested Gjini and Gjona in a Mercedes on the A1, a carrying bag containing £ 45,000 was …

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