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Calls to end extension of stop and search powers in new police bill | UK News

There are fears that stop and search powers may be extended as part of a controversial policing bill.

One year after the death of George floyd In the US, activists are calling for an end to all stop and search powers in the UK, which allow police to search people and vehicles for drugs or weapons without a warrant.

Under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, the government wants to introduce serious violence reduction orders, which would make it easier for the police to screen people who have been convicted of carrying knives.

George Floyd was killed by former policeman Derek Chauvin. Pic: Minnesota Department of Corrections

Rachel Harger, a lawyer at the Bindmans law firm that has represented those affected by stops and searches, said: “All powers of unsuspected stop and search must be gone and yet we have a government that instead listening and engaging with communities, raises concerns about these powers, responded with proposals to increase them.

“Under the new Police Services Bill, police will be able to arrest and search individuals who have previously been convicted of carrying an offensive weapon (even if they have not received a custodial sentence). ), without reasonable suspicion. “

Human rights group Justice said greater restrictions are needed on checks and searches to “avoid discriminating against ethnic minorities in our country.”

The organization said the bill “would extend prison punishment to the community and risk further undermining confidence in the police.”

Katrina Ffrench, founder and director of Unjust, which examines policing, said the public may soon see a “transformation” in stop and search powers, adding: “If this bill passes, it’s going to get worse. “

A man wearing a protective mask kneels in front of police officers near the US Embassy in London during the George Floyd protests
Fears of stop and search powers disproportionately target minorities

The murder of Mr. Floyd, an African American in Minneapolis, …

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