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COVID-19: Downing Street braces for Dominic Cummings’ appearance in parliament, as he continues his attacks on social media | Political news

Dominic Cummings says the government’s strategy in the initial phase of the pandemic was based on an “assumption” that the spread of COVID-19 was inevitable and could not be contained by restrictions.

He comes on the eve of what should be a dramatic and long appearance before a joint inquiry by the special committees on health and science on the lessons to be drawn from the management of COVID-19[female[feminine.

Downing Street is ready to welcome a series of potentially damaging accusations from the man who was once the prime minister’s most senior adviser, but who has since become one of the outspoken critics of Boris Johnson, its government and its institutions.

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In the 60th post of an ongoing Twitter thread that started last week, Mr. Cummings included a screenshot of a document he described as the ‘official pandemic preparedness plan’ of the initial phase of the UK COVID outbreak.

He said he was “explaining” that the strategy in February and March last year was to avoid the risk of a second peak in winter by achieving “herd immunity” through a single wave of infections of the disease. ‘by September 2020.

The document specifies that vaccines, which are the only way to achieve herd immunity without infections, would likely not be available from manufacturers until later this fall.

It highlights a passage from the document that says: “It is to be expected that the virus will inevitably spread and that any local measures taken to disrupt or reduce the …

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