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Mhari O’Neill: Man admits leaving 15-year-old girl to die so he can catch last train home | UK News

A man admitted to killing a 15-year-old girl by consuming alcohol and leaving her to die on a hill as he went to get the last train home.

Ewan Fulton, 20, also engaged in sexual activity with Mhari O’Neill and bought his cigarettes on the night of December 2018.

Alex Prentice QC, prosecuting, said “love bites” were found on Mhari’s body.

Ewan Fulton admitted to killing the 15-year-old
Ewan Fulton admitted to killing the 15-year-old

Fulton, who was 18 at the time, admitted culpable homicide in Edinburgh’s High Court on Monday.

He pleaded not guilty to other charges, including sexual assault and unrelated assault, which were accepted by the Crown.

The court heard Mhari and Fulton met on Friday, December 7 in Calton Hill, with Fulton buying vodka and cigarettes for the pair.

Fulton left Mhari partially undressed and unable to ask for help – as he wanted to get to nearby Waverley station before the last train left for his home in Livingston.

Charges against Fulton said he had acted with “utter disregard” for Mhari’s life.

The court heard that the 15-year-old had been abandoned in a remote location and Fulton did not try to find her help. He admitted guilty and recklessly of endangering her life by giving her alcohol.

Mhari’s body was found at the beauty site in the morning by a dog walker.

A pathologist said his death was likely due to hypothermia and intoxication played a role.

“Blunt” wounds were also found on the 15-year-old’s body, but they did not cause her death and may have been caused by her tripping.

The court also heard that following the incident, the defendant searched the internet for thoughts of suicide.

Fulton’s attorney, Shelagh McCall QC, said substantive reports should be made before he is convicted.

Detective Inspector Susan Balfour of the Scottish Police said: “It has been a difficult time for Mhari’s family and our thoughts remain with them and …

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