Uber signs deal with GMB union to allow 70,000 drivers Business News

Uber has agreed to recognize a union for the first time in a landmark deal that could benefit 70,000 drivers across the UK.

Under the collective agreement, the GMB will represent drivers working for the ridesharing giant across the UK, saying they will have the right to choose if, when and where they drive.

It is hoped that the agreement will mark the first step towards a “fairer working life” for millions of workers in the odd-job economy.

The deal follows changes made earlier this year, guaranteeing drivers at least the national living wage, vacation pay and a pension plan.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court dismissed Uber’s appeal against a landmark labor court ruling that its drivers should be classified as workers with access to minimum wage and paid time off.

As part of the deal, the GMB said it would work with Uber on a number of issues, including pay, pensions, discretionary benefits and security.

GMB Country Manager Mick Rix said: “This groundbreaking agreement between GMB and Uber could be the first step towards a fairer working life for millions of people.

“History has been made.

“This agreement shows that odd-job companies don’t have to be a wild west on the untamed frontier of labor rights.

“When private hire companies and tech unions work together in this way, everyone benefits, bringing decent and secure employment back into the world of work.

“We are now calling on all other operators to follow suit.”

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s regional general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, said: “While Uber and GMB don’t seem like obvious allies, we’ve always agreed that drivers should come first. , and today we made this important agreement to improve workers protections.

“Uber is the only major player in the industry to offer drivers a national guarantee of a living wage, paid vacation and a pension, and this landmark agreement means that Uber will be the first in the industry to ensure that its drivers also benefit from a full union representation. “

Andy McDonald, secretary of employment rights and protections in the shadows, added: “This recognition agreement is a testament to the dedicated work of the GMB union in the fight for better conditions for workers, and Uber has donated the example that companies in the odd-job economy should follow.

“This deal is good news for Uber drivers and shows the importance of unions in improving living standards, but there are still millions of workers in the odd-job economy who are without basic rights and protections. , voiceless in the workplace and must not be abandoned by the government.

“Following the Supreme Court ruling, the government must change the law to ensure that all workers in the odd-job economy have full labor rights.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-26 22:16:04