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COVID-19: Boris Johnson’s lockdown options for June 21 | UK News

Boris Johnson is under pressure to delay the lifting of COVID restrictions on June 21 after several scientists urged him to do so – and Nicola Sturgeon suspended the easing of the lockdown in Scotland.

The prime minister and his top ministers have said they will not rule anything out until June 14, when they will make the decision to open a week later as part of the fourth stage of the roadmap to exit the country. lockdown – which will involve the removal of contact limits and the opening of nightclubs and large events.

Several scientists have called for delaying the fourth stage by a few weeks due to the growing number of Indian cases. COVID variant, which is more transmissible than the previous variants.

Lockdown roadmap dates

And Scottish Prime Minister delayed easing COVID measures in many parts of the country, making it difficult for the Prime Minister not to follow suit.

Sky News has looked at Mr Johnson’s options.

Continue with step four – but with some social distancing restrictions

Dr Andrew Preston, an infectious disease microbiologist at the University of Bath, said he “isn’t entirely convinced the picture will be much clearer if we wait about a week.”

“I would probably continue to open up because big parties have already done so since May 17, but I would still have the mask on, more social distancing measures, but you don’t have to do your utmost. possible, “he said.

“This time last year we said if vaccines could reduce the virus to something like the flu that would be great Рwe have it now.

“I think we’ll have to come to terms with the virus being something we live with at some point, unless we say the variants are so deadly that we have to go back to the beginning – or have a booster that works against them.”

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What is the extent of the latest epidemic …

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