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A recurring question over the years is not about top speeds, displacement or stopping distances, but rather seats – not their number, but their comfort.

Back when I was working for old-fashioned national newspapers, it was basically a daily survey. Getting comfortable in a car, as you know, is a process of trial and error. It can take a lifetime, but a quick fix is ​​always to purchase an expensive ultra-adjustable orthopedic replacement job. Spending a large one on a Recaro is generally cheaper than buying an entire engine.

Reader Trish recently asked me for a comfortable little car, but I’m not sure there really is one. By their very nature, small cars are there to do rudimentary work with the minimum of fuss. Comfortable cars are generally large cars that cost a bit when new. So other than recommending the switcheroo in its sedan, where would the recommendations take us?

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A route is a well-constructed German. The Audi A1 and the BMW 1 Series are not necessarily the ones that offer the smoothest rides; and anyway, as much as I love a 1er, the slightly less conventional BMW i3, which will drive smoothly without drama, might make sense.

I would opt for the range-extender version to negate any range anxiety. They may cost a bit, but there are many examples. I found a 2013 i3, which even had heated seats and only 45,000 miles, for £ 10,999.

Otherwise, it’s the compact SUV and crossover crowd that seems to offer the most options, provided they don’t have stupidly low tires.

The original Citroën DS had a wonderful ride, but that doesn’t mean modern DS badged cars feel like magic carpets. Even so, I’ve always liked the DS4, a big sedan that is reasonably priced these days. I found a 2015 Puretech 1.2 for £ 5,999 with just 35,000 miles, a few previous owners, and a decent service history.

Then there is the wonderful example that seniors like me set by buying the Honda Jazz en masse. I’m sure it has a lot to do with absolute reliability, which of course is the best reason to buy a used engine.

Getting in and out of any Jazz is a cinch, and most of the time they go everywhere at a very distant speed. You can get a 2007 1.4 i-DSE from an owner for cheap £ 995, which should be great, but a 2016 1.3 EX with 31,000 miles and A / C is probably the best buy for Trish.

Ultimately, a comfortable small car is an entirely subjective purchase that requires a lot of real-world research. Often, however, newer, low mileage, serviced used engines are the most comfortable, primarily because they will be less complicated.

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