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Vicky McLure addresses Masked Dancer Llama speculation after line of duty clue UK News

Line of Duty star Vicky McLure added a serious fuel to the fire that she could be Llama on The Masked Dancer with a revealing Twitter post.

After being revealed that it will air every night this week, except Thursday due to England’s presence in football, the spin-off of ITV’s hugely successful The Masked Singer s ‘is continued Monday with its third episode.

One of the acts on stage was Llama, who rushed for the audience vote after a routine at Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy.

But, while their performance demanded a lot of attention, it was an “ AC-12 ” clue in their VT that garnered the most interest, leading the panel to speculate that Llama may well be. a member of the Line of Duty cast.

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Former star Keeley Hawes was one of the names mentioned, but after a hint of ‘Drama Queen of the North’, it was Vicky who was the center of most of the guesses.

Fans lost their minds that AC-12’s Kate Fleming could be on The Masked Dancer and Vicky didn’t do much to silence their excitement, when she took to Twitter to post: ” It was an extremely hot day! “

It didn’t take long for his tweet to elicit a lot of reactions, with one follower quickly responding: “Surely that must be confirmation!” and another, echoing the same sentiments, responding: “I think you just gave it thanks!”

Taking as inspiration one of the most famous quotes from Line of Duty, a third wrote: “Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the dancing little llama”

However, others believed that the fact that Vicky had directly addressed the speculation meant that Llama was probably not her, another stating that Llama was Thandie Newton and another tweeting: “She’s doing it on purpose, the AC index- 12 was the person who he is, is a fan of LOD. Hence the reason he was on a fan. “

While Llama lives to dance another day on the show, Beetroot was cast aside by the jury, then unmasked as Dita von Teese.