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War on disease, lab leaks, and misuse of AI could be deadlier than COVID pandemic – study | UK News

The war on disease, leaks of dangerous pathogens from labs and the misuse of artificial intelligence could be far more dangerous than the COVID pandemic, a report warned.

The UK government should now make “serious efforts” to guard against such “extreme risks”, say the authors of the Future Proof study.

They warn that such threats can result in enormous loss of life around the world – and, at worst, could even “lead to the untimely extinction of humanity.”

There is a one in six chance at “Russian roulette” of an “existential catastrophe in the next hundred years,” according to one of the report’s lead authors.

Researchers at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge worked on the study for the Center for Long-Term Resilience and say it is a “unique opportunity” for the UK to strengthen its protections.

Biological weapons and laboratory leaks are highlighted as the most urgent risk, with The report saying they could have “even worse consequences than natural pandemics like COVID-19[female[feminine“.

While biotechnology has great benefits, there are also “heartbreaking prospects” for abuse.

A new biosafety board and screening all DNA syntheses for dangerous pathogens are among the study’s recommendations.

This is a once-marginal theory that the current pandemic was caused by a lab leak in Wuhan, China, gaining credibility after President Biden asked intelligence agencies to investigate.

Artificial intelligence is named as the second most urgent “extreme risk” in the report.

Rather than distant “Terminator” style apocalyptic scenarios, it indicates that even the widespread deployment of current AI capabilities “could lead or contribute to extreme risks.”

Crashes and malicious use of AI are becoming increasingly risky as they become more common in “safety-critical” technologies such as self-driving cars and military equipment, the report says. .

He calls for measures such as …

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